About The Delphi Group

Our mission: To develop the theory and practice of epidemic detection, tracking and forecasting, and their use in decision making, both public and private.

Our vision: To make this technology as useful as weather forecasting is today.

Our strategy:

  1. Procure real-time, aggregated data streams informative of varied infectious diseases and syndromes, in collaboration with industry partners and public health agencies
  2. Extract signals—many at daily and county-level resolution—from these streams and make them widely available via the Delphi Epidata platform and API; enhance their value with automated revision tracking, revision projection, anomaly detection, trend detection, access control, smoothing, and geographic, temporal and demographic disaggregation
  3. Develop and deploy algorithms for epidemic detection, tracking (nowcasting), and forecasting
  4. Develop and share tools for signal access, processing, and forecasting
  5. Work closely with public health agencies to understand and support their needs
  6. Make it all real-time, operational, maximally accessible, and open-source

Our target users: