Delphi Team News

Sep 2023

CDC Selects Delphi Research Group at CMU as Center of Innovation in Outbreak Analytics and Disease Modeling

The CDC’s Center for Forecasting and Outbreak Analytics announced the five-year, $17.5 million funding of the Delphi Center for Innovation in Outbreak Analytics and Disease Modeling on Sept. 19 as part of a national network of 13 centers of researchers, industry leaders and public health departments. The Outbreak Analytics and Disease Modeling Network will work together to create shared resources to address outbreak analytics, and disease modeling and forecasting, and will support a more effective response during public health emergencies.

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Apr 2022

Delphi Group, University of Maryland, and Meta Honored for COVID-19 Survey

Nov 2021

New York Times Magazine Features Delphi PI

The New York Times Magazine features Roni Rosenfeld in an article exploring efforts to forecast infectious-disease outbreaks, Inside the C.D.C.’s Pandemic ‘Weather Service’.

May 2021

Delphi and Collaborators Honored for COVIDcast

The American Statistical Association (ASA) presented the 2021 Statistical Partnerships Among Academe, Industry, and Government (SPAIG) award to Delphi and their COVIDcast collaborators.

Dec 2020

COVIDcast Enhanced with Change Healthcare Claims Data

Change Healthcare and Delphi announce the launch of new COVIDcast indicators using de-identified claims data from Change Healthcare.

Oct 2020

Google Fellows Join Delphi for 6 Months

We’ve welcomed 14 Google Fellows to Delphi and are excited to have them on board!

Apr 2020

Delphi Launches COVIDcast

We launched our COVIDcast system, which makes available indicators related to COVID-19 activity level across the U.S. These indicators are derived from a variety of anonymized, aggregated data sources made available by multiple partners, and are publicly available at the COVIDcast endpoint of our Epidata API.

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Mar 2020

Delphi Shifts Focus to COVID-19

We are focusing our efforts at this point on COVID-19 tracking and forecasting. We are adapting our existing systems, and developing new ones. Some of our regular activities may be halted as a result.

Oct 2019

Delphi named a Center of Excellence

We were just named a national Center of Excellence for Influenza Forecasting by the CDC, one of two nationally. This is a 5 year designation.

Oct 2018

Delphi Wins 2017-2018 Forecasting Challenge

And yet again! Our forecasting systems took the top spot in each of the three separate flu forecasting challenges of 2017-2018, out of up to 30 submissions. (Results summary.)

Oct 2017

Delphi Wins 2016-2017 Forecasting Challenge

We did it again! Our two systems took the top two spots in the flu forecasting challenge of 2016-2017, out of 28 submissions. (Results summary.)

Dec 2016

Delphi Wins 2015-2016 Forecasting Challenge

Our system took the top spot in the flu forecasting challenge of 2015-2016, out of 14 submissions. (Results summary.)