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Identifying Changing Variant Behavior during a Pandemic: An Exploratory Analysis

We use changepoint detection algorithms to analyze Delphi’s indicators and classify them as early, on-time, late, undefined, or undetermined.

New package released! Epidatr, an R client for Delphi Epidata API

epidatr is designed to streamline the downloading and usage of data from the Delphi Epidata API. It provides a simple R interface to the API, including functions for downloading data, parsing the results, and converting the data into a tidy format.

Introducing Epidata v4

Epidata v0.4.0 (“v4” for short) launched on September 26, 2022, bringing about a major revision to how we store data served by the Epidata API. The changes prioritize fast access to the most up-to-date data while retaining the deep data revision history needed by researchers. The launch included a prototype of a modular data organization system intended to generalize across multiple pathogens, with stubs for more advanced and efficient timestamping and greater flexibility in data stratification.