Tools Overview

Delphi Epidata API

API for getting up-to-date epidemiological data from Delphi. Used by web dashboards and clients.

Data Dashboards

Delphi Epidata Dashboard

The primary dashboard to interact with Delphi Epidata. If you wish to access the results programmatically, see the API above or one of its clients.

Indicator Status

A dashboard for displaying the lags for various signals in the Delphi Epidata API.

Dashboard Builder

A builder that allows you to customize the Delphi Epidata Dashboard.

Epi Signal Visualization

Epidemiological time series visualizer.


COVID-19 Forecasting Evaluation

We host a forecast evaluation dashboard to compare the historical performance of the forecasts submitted to the COVID-19 Forecast Hub.

Flu Forecasting (FluSight)

We participate in the weekly Flu forecasting hub run by the CDC during the flu season. Our current system for generating forecasts can be found here. From these dozens of individual forecasts by various groups, the CDC publishes a weekly ensemble prediction.

COVID-19 Forecasting

We participate in weekly COVID hospital admissions forecasting at the state and national level. Our current system for generating forecasts will be available soon here. In addition to publishing the individual forecasts from the participating groups, the Reich lab makes an ensemble prediction, and hosts a visualization of both.


COVIDcast 1.0 (“Classic”)

A map-first single-page webapp for visualizing COVID-19 pandemic indicators.


Delphi’s “Wisdom of crowds” forecasting system: Used for Chikungunya, flu and most recently Covid. In it’s archived configuration, this system was set up to forecast ILI during the COVID-19 pandemic

ILI Nearby

Flu nowcasting system.

Note: This system is designed to nowcast ILI driven by seasonal influenza and is NOT designed to nowcast ILI during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A sensor fusion based nowcasting system developed to predict ILI before the COVID-19 pandemic


Visual comparison of scored submissions to CDC Flu Forecasting Challenge for 2014-16 (provide your own score files).